Prabhu Groups of Companies has been established in accordance with Nepalese government laws. These companies’ goals include investing in a variety of businesses such as establishing various infrastructure and investing in them, trading business, manufacturing business, and tourism business.

Prabhu holdings limited is a public company established under the Company Act 2063, in which Prabhu urja krishi paryatan bikas limited is a major investor.

This company specializes in long-term investment and trading. The main goal of this company is long-term investment and providing significant benefits to investors while also contributing to Nepal’s development. Prabhu Holdings’ main goal as an investing company is to develop the country and society.

This company’s primary investments are in Prabhu Jalabidyut Bikas Limited, Prabhu Cablecar and Tourism Limited, Prabhu Hydro Development Fund, Prabhu Steels and Hydro Equipment Industries Limited, and Prabhu Krishi tatha Pashupanchi Company Limited. This company has diversified its investments by investing in various companies and hydroelectric projects such as banks, insurance, hotels, hydropowers, cement industries, cablecars, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and so on.

This company’s approved capital is 205 crore rupees, issued capital is 200 crore rupees, and paid-up capital is 102 crore rupees.

The shareholders of Prabhu Grous of companies and Prabhu Urja Krishi Paryatan Bikas limited own 100% of this company. Some of the companies in which this group has invested are listed on the Nepal Stock Exchange. These can be found there. The directors of this company are solely Prabhu Groups of Companies representatives.

By implementing best practices and prioritizing transparency, accountability, and ethical behavior, our company can build trust with shareholders, stakeholders, and the broader community. Our goal is to become the top Holdings Company of the country


The vision of a Prabhu Holdings Limited depends is to be a successful and profitable parent company that provides strategic guidance and financial resources to its subsidiaries while maximizing shareholder value.

  1. Expansion: we aim to expand its portfolio of subsidiaries and invest in new industries or geographic regions to achieve growth and diversification.
  2. Innovation: We are strive to foster innovation within its subsidiaries, encouraging them to develop new products or services, adopt new technologies, and explore new business models.
  3. Efficiency: we aim to promote efficiency and cost savings within its subsidiaries, streamlining operations and optimizing resources to improve profitability.
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility: we prioritize corporate social responsibility, aiming to make a positive impact on the communities in which its subsidiaries operate and promote sustainable business practices.
  5. Leadership: We aim to be a leader in its industry, setting best practices and standards for corporate governance, ethical behavior, and social responsibility.

Ultimately, the vision of our company is to reflect its values and goals, and be aligned with the interests of its stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, and the broader community.

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